Wow! How time flies by so fast....

2 YEARS of PAX-ROMANA is incoming. A milestone, where desires abound, authenticity embraced, and lust defies. Bounded by the crack of leather.

With a lineup curated for pure pleasure over 3 rooms, PAX-ROMANA transforms RADION into their biggest underground playground yet.

For this special occasion, the night knows no boundaries, so be prepared to unite, express, protest, and celebrate together until 12PM noon.

RADION: Aletta | Amotik b2b Vincent Neumann | Anouschka | Delano Legito | D-Leria 

(live) | Efdemin | Floid (live) | Justine Perry | Serti (live)| Tripeo

Be extraordinary, creative, sexified, kinky, unusual, or insane, but most of all express your identity.  


Saturday, July 1st | 11PM – 12PM   


Age 21 +  

Having a ticket does not guarantee admission  


No photos, No videos  


No Hate, No Discrimination, No Racism, No Sexism, No Queerphobia... Only PAX


We strive to create a community space where the public, artists, creators, and organizations from all identities, visible or not, can be themselves, be respected, and most importantly feel safe. A place where we can build a community together. A space of togetherness where we can unify, empower and flourish with each other.  


During PAX-ROMANA we share -as a singular collective- love and passion for underground music, self-expression, culture, and most of all each other. The dance floor offers a way to protest, unite, celebrate, and to express our identities.  


Artwork by: Antonie Koenen 


23:00 - 12:00