RADION invites DRIFT Kyiv

RADION invites DRIFT Kyiv on the 17th of June to one of the most vibrant cities in the scene hosting their Amsterdam debut.

For DRIFT Kyiv’s biggest event to date, the Kyiv-born, Berlin-based community event and platform will present a selection of Ukrainian underground talent, a powerhouse headliner, as well as Amsterdam’s finest acts.

People from Amsterdam have heard about Kyiv and K41, some have even visited Ukraine, others didn’t. This event is bringing Kyiv to them.

This night is an opportunity to showcase DRIFT Kyiv’s approach: the diversity of the sound, the freedom, the intensity of the vibe, the emotions and the people. Although this is not DRIFT Kyiv’s traditional Sunday after-hour format that they established in Kyiv and continue to pursue in Berlin, they still want to represent the low-key, intimate vibe, inspiring deeper connection and expression through dance moves and sound.

DRIFT Kyiv crew is excited for this first proper introduction of the Ukrainian underground to Amsterdam, giving the local scene a glimpse of the evolution of the Ukrainian spirit in Europe.


23:00 - 07:00