RADION Showcase: Lunchbox Candy

Looking for love? Lunchbox Candy makes it’s international debut at Radion Amsterdam. A creative new wave in the Berlin queer nightlife landscape, the party has fostered an eclectic community of club kids and queerdos championing radical self expression and euphoric dance floor debauchery.

A refreshing alternative from Berlin’s throbbing dark techno scene Lunchbox Candy is a wild and free explosion of colour, sound and performance, inviting you to pull a look, fuck the cis-tem and free your mind as we cum together to celebrate the you you’d rather be. Some call it therapy, some call it cunt but we just call it a rave, but cuter.

From the 12th of July until the 10th of August RADION presents their third showcase summer of love: 5 weekends and 11 showcases.


00:00 - 08:00