SURGES is an evening of performances at the intersection of sound, text, and installation with works by Toni Brell, Constanza Castagnet, Ghenwa noiré, and Kay Schuttel. Traversing different genres, the performances are interconnected through sonic explorations of personal and collective histories, landscapes, social norms, and everyday experiences, spanning both tangible and virtual worlds, as well as natural and built environments.

Kay Schuttel’s text-based sound piece “I text my friends all at the same time” explores the interplay of time, voice, and human communication in the digital realm.

Constanza Castagnet “Reveal” is a site specific work featuring sound, video and live singing addressing what might not always be rendered legible, as well as redirecting the chronological order of time.

Ghenwa noiré will attempt in ‘when life takes you away, that’s something. But when the sea takes you away that’s something else’ to sonically channel reminiscence of life experiences that have been long stored in the body.

Toni Brell’s “dredged up / in the meantime / the boredom of a large mammal” interrogates the affective landscapes of rural environments through sound, smell, taste, and touch.

Doors open: 19:00


19:00 - 22:00