Vault Sessions x KEY Vinyl // ADE 2023

Vault Sessions believes in showcasing labels that are instrumental to thesound we love.

Labels play a powerful rolein shaping the sounds they love. They serve as gatekeepers of creativity,curating and releasing music that defines genres and inspires generations.

KEY Vinyl has been at theforefront of this transformative power, influencing the techno realm. With itsdistinctive sound and unwavering vision, the label not only captivateslisteners but also serves as a platform for artists who desire to expressthemselves about the future. With Freddy K at the helm, KEY Vinyl hasconsistently pushed the boundaries of sophisticated and cutting-edge techno,capturing the essence of the underground scene.

Join Vault Sessions for anelectrifying night as they present a KEY Vinyl Edition featuring thestrongholds of techno. 

This label night is acelebration of KEY Vinyl, a groundbreaking force in the electronic musiclandscape.

Step into a night wherevinyl takes center stage, where Freddy K will guide everyone on a mesmerizingsonic journey, exploring the soundscapes of KEY Vinyl.

So, prepare yourself for alabel night, where the spirit of KEY Vinyl will take hold.

Don't miss out on this exceptional event that pays homage to the labels thatshape the very fabric of our beloved sound.


23:00 - 08:00