Vault Sessions x SK_Eleven // ADE 2023

Vault Sessions is dedicated to showcasing labels that play a pivotal role in shaping the sounds they love. 

Labels hold significant influence in shaping and validating the sounds that resonate with them as they act as gatekeepers of creativity that define genres and inspire generations.

SK_eleven is a renowned techno label founded by Setaoc Mass, known for its distinct sound and influential contributions to the electronic music scene. 

The label has become synonymous with quality and innovation, as it serves as a platform for both established and emerging artists who share a passion for exploring new sonic territories and expressing their unique artistic visions. 

With indelible household names such as Phil Berg, Holden Federico, Arkan, Yant, Kr!z, Border One, and many more, SK-eleven has become a pivotal part of representing the timeless yet fresh sounds of the contemporary club dancefloor. 

Often featuring hypnotic rhythms, intricate textures, and immersive atmospheres, whilst paying meticulous attention to details, the renowned label has been perpetuating ageless sounds since 2017. 

Get ready for a sensational night as Vault Sessions presents this special SK_eleven edition to embrace the spirit of experimentation and exploration during ADE.

They aim to celebrate SK_eleven, which has a pivotal role in redefining the limits of techno music and leaving a lasting impact on the electronic music community.


23:00 - 09:00