MEM{BR(A[I])N}[E] is a 3D animation video work which will be showcased during our WEEKENDER between 08-10 of June.

The work is split into different views exploring the contradictory nature of the human brain through the use of the digital environment. The work draws you into an alternative world containing abstract pixel formations and organic objects living on the rhythm of an unparalleled soundscape.

The work is inspired by research into the concept of the membrane, a natural or synthetic fleece that separates two environments. It has the function of allowing certain substances to pass through and block others. The membrane keeps elements together but at the same time separates them from the outside world.

We see a parallel between the membrane and how we ourselves seem to gravitate towards a certain way of thinking, a dominant logic that often leads to binary ways of seeing; ‘this fits our perspective and that doesn’t’. It leads to questions on how to determine which elements to keep and which to separate? What to let through and what not? The membrane represents an in between place, a joining point of one world to another, a non excluded middle or included middle.

Artwork by: Christine Kappé & Jef Nollet x Werner de Valk

This work will be on show during RADION's weekender

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